The key to success during this period is diversification. JURA implements this strategy consistently and comes up with innovations on an ongoing basis. The world’s first iron with a chrome-plated steel base and the launch of the dual steam iron are just two examples of this.

Increasing numbers of Central Europeans are holidaying on the Adriatic Coast or the French Riviera. There, and from guest workers who brought it northwards, they learn of another way to drink coffee: espresso. So people can enjoy the ‘fiery Italian beverage’ at home too, JURA adds the first piston espresso machine, which tops every coffee with an irresistible layer of foam, to its range in 1977. It soon becomes chic to have an espresso machine in the kitchen, which is reflected directly in JURA’s sales figures.

A double steam iron that makes ironing much easier for women.

Filter coffee machine with digital clock: an alarm call with coffee.

The piston espresso machine is practical and creates a wonderful crema.

Deep fryer designed for easy use, ideal for long pieces of food.

Top-quality automatic iron with chromeplated steel sole and precision adjustment.

After making coffee, the machine automatically switches on the hotplate. The jug, of course, is made of heatproof glass.