JURA warranties the product to be free from defects in materials for a period of 12 Months from original date of purchase as printed in the invoice when used for its intended environment.


  • Periodic maintenance (cleaning & descaling) and repair and replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear.
  • Any modification or changes to upgrade the product from its normal purpose as described in the instruction Manual.
  • The fading or discolouring of panels and chrome accented accessories caused by exposure to caustic elements, dishwasher, abrasive cloths etc.
  • Damage resulting from:
    a. Misuse, including but not limited to failure to use the product for its normal purpose or in accordance with JURA’s instructions on proper use and maintenance
    b. Failure to use the Claris filter in accordance with JURA’s instructions
    c. Use of descaling or cleaning tablets other than JURA branded products
    d. The presence of insects or vermin. Pest infection
    e. Foreign agents
    f. The use of product that are not designed for these machines
    g. Repairs performed by non-authorized Service centres or the customer him-self
    h. Negligence, accidental or otherwise
    i. Accidents, lightning, water, fire, improper ventilation or any cause beyond the control of JURA